#Live Demos

9 -12 June. Various times
Somerset House
Price: Free

Twinklr Live Demo (Tom Armitage)
Friday 10th June, 5pm

Andrej Boleslavský and Mária Júdová: Virtual Reality Dance Demo
Friday 10th June, 6pm

This live demo will unveil some of the creative practices which have been developed during the digital residency programme at Rambert. They will focus on the process of prototyping numerous interactive installations, but mainly talk about upcoming project using virtual and mixed reality. They will also install a VR prototype based on the Oculus headset within the space and will invite visitors to experience it by themselves.

Andrej Boleslavský and Mária Júdová are a creative duo based in Prague, currently they are digital artists in residency at Rambert Dance Company. Andrej and Mária work within new media art, interactive design, physical computing and 3D printing, they explore the creative potential of digital technology together.

Felix Faire: Visual Live Music
Friday 10th June, 7pm

In Felix‘s interactive performances, sound and sight merge. Each of his movements on the Seaboard RISE 49 triggers a change in the fluid animations projected behind him to create a multi-sensory and immersive experience for the audience.

Felix Faire is a London based multidisciplinary designer and musician with a background in architecture. His audio-visual work explores embodied and synaesthetic experiences of music, space and image through the media of light, sound and code. Felix is currently working with award winning design led music technology company ROLI, developing expressive new interactions and interfaces to sound and music.