9 - 12 June. Various times
Price: Free

Decoding Experimentation
Friday 10th, 2pm

What is the role of experimentation in the creative journey? Making is an iterative process, which means learning by doing. By creating prototypes the idea can be modified and evolved at first hand, while posing ongoing questions about the project’s shape and its business model.

Speakers: Ursula Davis (Makerversity), Lawrence Lek and Tom Armitage

Decoding today’s tools
Friday 10th, 3pm

What role do tools play? By customising and hacking available technologies, new systems and programmes can be developed using code and digital making. What role does automation play in this new creative process? Will artificially intelligent machines ever be able to substitute makers, artists and creatives?

Speakers: Louis Mustill, Common Works, Patrick Hussey.

Decoding a Kickstarter Campaign (conversation & screening)
Friday 10th, 4pm

London based designer and filmmaker Keiichi Matsuda presents latest work Hyper-Reality, a concept film which presents a new vision of the future where physical and virtual realities have merged, and the city is saturated in media. Having reached almost 2 million views online in just a few days, the film was initially fundraised on Kickstarter. Keiichi tells us how the work was made and the different funding opportunities he has discovered through the process. The conversation will be followed by a screening of the work.

Speakers: Keiichi Matsuda.

Decoding Diversity in the Age of Digital Making
Saturday 11th, 1pm

Speaking about diversity at technology and maker events is not new. Yet unfortunately diversity is still a big issue in the age of digital making which is dominated by white males. What is really being done today to accelerate inclusion? What initiatives are really making a difference? When do we expect to see real changes? Why are we still talking about it? What can we do about it?

Speakers: Carmen Salas (Alpha-ville), Nora O’Murchu.

Art as a Vehicle for Innovation versus Critical Reflection
Saturday 11th, 2pm

Art made with technology is often placed in the innovation realm. Too often this agenda can result in an emphasis on the creation of products and is couched within the start-up scene. This can be reductive, and overshadow the critical role that art can play in exploring new uses of technology and reflecting on human impacts. Can collaboration and antagonism between arts and tech be viewed on an equal footing? What are the platforms for sustaining such approaches?

Speakers: Lucy Sollit (Arts Council England), Matthew Plummer-Fernandez.

Creating value with brands: the new creative sphere 
Saturday 11th, 3pm

Brands can act as catalysts to foster the creation of new work by artists and designers working with technology. Are brands the new commissioners for creative practitioners? How can these partnerships be stimulated? What are the opportunities and implications? How can there be enough flexibility to allow creativity to flourish within brand identities?

Speakers: Paul Smyth (Makerversity), Shane Walter (Onedotzero)

Decoding Art Commissioning
Saturday 11th, 4pm

Creating new work is a key foundation in the creative process. What are the possibilities for artists to create new work today? How can institutions support artists in developing new work? How can artists transform commissioning into sustainable practice? What other opportunities exist alongside commissions to develop artistic practice?

Speakers: Irini Papadimitriou (V&A, Watermans), Marie McPartlin (Somerset House Studios)