Does my project  have to involve tech?
Yes. The programme is specifically focused on innovative work at the intersection of arts and technology.  We’re looking for individuals whose practice explores technology as a medium and/or reflects on it in its place in the world.  Technology is likely to be at the heart of the ideas driving your work in some way.

What’s the timeline for this programme?
The money needs to be spent by the end of April and we will do some sort of showcase activity which should be led and shaped by the group and projects.

How much money can I apply for?
Apply for what you think you need.  We have 100k and want to work with 8 – 12 projects. 

What can I spend the money on?
You can spend the money on anything as long as you can make a case that it will change or improve your practice for the better AND help you make money.

Does my funding pay for a coach?
No, we will cover that but we will be specific about the commercial relationship we have with the coach role.

What do you mean by coach/producer?
The aim of the coach/promoter/producer role is to provide 1 to 1 professional support that will help underpin MVWorks participants’ work on their chosen project and provide critical challenge and encouragement.

We want MV Works to be as participant-led as possible but we also know it’s important to provide a bit of structure and critical input to help give momentum and constructive challenge for the people taking part. This is particularly the case as people taking part in MVWorks will have more or less total freedom on what they work on for the duration of the programme.

One we want to do this is through partnering up each participant with a professional coach, producer or promoter.

Does it matter if I’ve had funding before?
Not at all.

How often can we use Makerversity’s coworking and workshop spaces?
As much as you like. If you have another space, you don’t have to be based here but we want people who are interested in Makerversity and the amazing community that we have here. There is a specific question on the application form about what your needs are so please articulate this when you apply.

Does it matter if I am a student?
There is no rule against being a student. We are looking for a track record of professional creative practice so as long as you can show that and have plans for a project which would advance your professional career (including your ability to operate sustainably/entrepreneurially) being a student shouldn’t affect your eligibility.