Mayku | FormBox

Founded by designer and inventor Benjamin Redford and designer and digital strategist Alex Smilansky, Mayku is a small start-up with a huge mission: a complete democratic overhaul of the industrial supply chain. To spark the revolution, the pair has created the FormBox, a vacuum-powered desktop machine that allows the mass production of 3D plastic shapes.

The FormBox can be used to create moulds of almost any object, producing replicas of everything from bookends to bananas. These can be used either as the finished product, or filled with setting material – whether that’s cement, resin, chocolate or jelly – to create solid forms. Thus far, FormBox has been used to make light housings, plant pots, clocks, personalised confectionery, vases, speakers and more.

Mayku’s invention brings the kind of equipment previously only available to large-scale industry within the scope of the average home, allowing designers to create prototypes in seconds, small-business owners to set up production lines without outsourcing and curious dabblers to experiment in manufacturing at vastly reduced cost.

Launching a Kickstarter campaign this month, the FormBox is accompanied by an online library of projects and instructions to give its users the inspiration they need to get started, and Mayku is in the process of developing an international recycling scheme for the FormBox’s plastic sheets.

The company plans to add additional miniaturised making machines to its product line-up in the near future, including a rotational moulder, an injection moulder and a steel forger. In combination, these will give anyone the capacity to create what is effectively a full industrial production line, affordably, and in their own home.

MV Works has helped provide Mayku with the tools and guidance necessary to develop the initiative as a viable commercial enterprise, bringing it from an ideological ambition to the cusp of reality.

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