The selection panel were really put through their paces when it came to singling out the cohort. Makerversity is incredibly excited to announce this year’s group, comprised of:

Becca Rose

Becca Rose
A designer and educator. She makes work at the intersection of craft and technology, and designs playful and interactive curriculum, tools, and events for learning electronics and programming.
Project: Phonebook encourages new ways of storytelling using a mobile phone and intricately cut-out pages of a book. The paper kit combines pop-up-book techniques and embedded sensors to magically animate and trigger a network of events that create a unique story every time it is used.

Common Works portrait
Common Works
A multidisciplinary design studio specialising in interactions, moving image and art direction.
Project: an experimental animation where each frame is made from an individual woodblock print, utilising CAD/CAM techniques to produce a finished piece impossible to create by hand.

Harry sanderson photo_0
Harry Sanderson
A CSM graduate who uses moving image and technology to create installations.
Project: Caustic imaging is an emerging field of optics in which algorithms model a surface which will produce a pre-determined image from the usually abstract patterns made by refracted light. The resulting surface is then milled using a CNC machine and polished by hand to achieve the required optical clarity.

Lawrence Lek
Simulation artist with a background in architecture and music, creating utopian virtual worlds based on real places.
Project: Utopia 2016 is a video game remake commemorating the 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s influential political novel. In this open virtual world based on contemporary London, players explore potential scenarios for extreme urban living.

Liam Donovan
An artist and researcher working at the intersection of the digital and the physical, with an interest in developing better tools to do so.
Project: A new embedded linux development board designed specifically for the needs of makers, artists and electronics tinkerers, combining the processing power and capabilities of boards like the Raspberry Pi with the low-level control and ease-of-use of Arduino.

LIzCiokajlo_photo copy
Liz Ciokajlo
A footwear designer investigating future manufacturing ideas through designs. The aim is to bring a fresh look at how materials and technologies can underpin and reshape fashion footwear at the most emotive levels.
Project: The aim is to use the mechanical properties of our foot skin to inspire and inform the design of 3D printed shoes. Liz is the lead designer on the project with collaborative input from artist Rhian Solomon of sKINship, bio medical engineer Manolis Papastravou and advice from medical reconstructive surgeons.

Matthew P-F
Matthew Plummer-Fernandez
Interests span algorithmic systems, bots, copyright, file-sharing and working with 3D model files. He is also known for his blog Algopop that documents how algorithmic systems increasingly mediate popular life and culture.
Project: developing methods for fabricating large sculpture, combining digital fabrication with hand assembly and finishing. The works will evolve out of found and generated 3D models that then undergo software distortions and novice modelling procedures before being transferred into their physical manifestations.

Ben 2Shim 2
Creators of machines for indie-manufacture, their mission is to make the tools of mass production accessible to everyday people.
Project: Hosting live making experiences with their first two machines: The FormBox, which turns plastic sheets into 3D shapes and the RotoBox, which casts hollow objects out of pourable materials. Mayku’s goal is to empower people to make their own things, whether artistic, functional or frivolous.

Tom Armitage & Richard Birken
Tom Armitage is a technologist, designer and writer. He makes systems, tools, toys, and art out of hardware, software, and the network. Richard Birkin is a composer and creative technologist, known for combining his own modern classical music with touch-sensitive installations and experimental digital manifestations.
Project: Increasing functionality and easy of production for Twinklr a music box: a device that plays music when its handle is cranked. Rather than using punched paper, notes are specified on its built-in touchscreen, and easily adjusted. As well as emitting sound, it can control other MIDI-enabled devices.  


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