What do we mean by a project?

We’ve been deliberately open about what you can pitch in terms of a project or idea that you want to work on. That means there’s lots of freedom but it also places the onus on you to shape something meaningful and challenging that you want to work on!

The primary goal of the project is to give you freedom and resource to work on something that you might not be able to do otherwise and which will contribute towards your long term ability to realise creative and commercial ambitions.

We’re looking for the following sorts of qualities in the proposed projects: Ambitious, experimental, risk taking, entrepreneurial. The idea is that doing this project will transform you and your work in some way.

Examples of the ideas or projects that you might propose: Creating an experimental work, learning a specific new technical skill for creative production, exploring a new material or technology, turning an existing project into a product, testing new markets or audiences etc

What about the more practical activities within my day to day work?
We’ve had a few questions from people asking if they could pitch a project focused around more practical activities within their day to day work- such as building a website, learning digital marketing skills, developing a business plan.

These are obviously really worthwhile activities but given the focus of the programme is explicitly around encouraging experimentation and providing support to do things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do, these don’t fit as well as proposed projects.

You don’t have to know everything about how you’ll develop your idea or project you’re proposing. You just need to be able to describe it in enough detail that we’ll be able to understand what you want do to.

Still unsure? Just drop us a line at work@makerversity.org if you have a specific questions.